Supply Chain Solution

Making  Supply Chain Visibility -  a  reality

In  this  era  of  widespread business networks, complete  access to business information is the need of the hour. Right from planning to distribution, accurate information leads to better decision making, catapulting your organization to greater heights.

Supply Chain Visibility and your business

Understanding Supply Chain Visibility

Material and Capital are the two primary pillars of every Supply Chain. Equally important are the links of the chain formed by the various branch offices, distributors, warehouses, stockists, dealers, resellers and retailers etc. However, the data, facts and figures which capture the micro-level details of the functioning of the entire Supply Chain form another critical aspect i.e. information.

The Supply Chain Visibility process therefore includes the collection of distributed data across various stages and organizing this into usable and functional information. Further, this information is consolidated in a sensible manner, for faster and effective decision making.

Stock & Sales Visibility